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almost 7 years ago

Submit your App Today!

Today is the day: The Al Jazeera Innovation Challenge is ending Wednesday October 15 at 5:00pm AST (that's 14:00 UTC, or about 5 hours from the time of this update).

Be sure you finalize and submit your project before the deadline!

Here at Al Jazeera's Innovation and Research group, we've been impressed with the quality of your submissions - and we're very proud to have you as a part of our growing innovation community.

We hope you'll join our new initiatives such as the Canvas Media Innovation Hackathon and other opportunities coming up later in the year, and in 2015!

TIME CHECK! 5 hours to submit!

Once submissions close, we will enter a public voting and judging period, where you and others can can vote for the ideas that you feel best accomplished the goals we set out in the Challenge. Public Voting and Judging will take place on ChallengePost.

Winners will be announced October 31 at 2:00pm AST (11:00 UTC)

Good luck to all submitters, and thank you for participating in the Challenge!

As always, you can find us on Twitter at @aljazeerair or email us at