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almost 7 years ago

Reminder! 2 Days Left to Submit

The deadline is almost here! The Al Jazeera Innovation Challenge is nearly over and we're delighted to see submissions getting finalized and submitted.

REMINDER: If you haven't turned in your submittal and all relevant information, with instructions on how we can review it, make sure you do so before September 30 at 5:00pm AST (that's 14:00 UTC).

Teams look good!

Great job teaming up with other participants. We're seeing several good results from teams with multiple makers involved. But don't worry, even if you're submitting alone, your work should speak for itself.

TIME CHECK! 2 more days to submit!

Tip: If you're struggling with your work to complete a certain aspect or function, try re-evaluating the feature set. Some features may be better off left to future work. Your project should be functional, but any 1.0 release can benefit from future features and continued development.

If you do leave some features off the final submission, let us know in your text what you would have liked to do, and how you plan to do it! We may take this into consideration for the "Potential" judging criteria.

Good luck once again, and thank you for participating in the Challenge!

As always, you can find us on Twitter at @aljazeerair or email us at