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about 7 years ago

Week 2 Update

This has been another excellent week for the Al Jazeera Innovation Challenge. We've doubled our registrant count (79 registered participants at the moment) and time will tell just how long the list will grow.

And with the addition of blecky from Melbourne, Australia, we've got representatives from every continent except Antarctica. That's all right though, we have a few weeks left... so if you know anyone exploring down there please encourage them to sign up!

Questions and Answers

We've had a few interesting questions posed by registrants so far, often regarding the content type of the media presented in the solution apps you will be creating.

The content type is really up to you. Video, audio, text, images, timelines, interactive experiences - the point is to create a system that assists storytelling, to express a non-linear narrative, so whatever you feel accomplishes that goal is fine.

Others have asked about why your solutions need to be open sourced. We've added some explanatory text on the homepage about the benefits of this requirement, and how the creativity and efforts you put into your apps could form the basis for a world research in the years to come. 

Tell the World What You Think

If you've got some good momentum with your idea, why not share a teaser with your social circle (#ajchallenge) or post on the Discussion Boards? You might find others interested in helping out with your submission, and spreading the word helps everyone involved to reach a broader audience.

TIME CHECK! 29 more days to submit.

You can always email us at, or reach out on Twitter to @aljazeerair.

Let us know how you're doing! Got wireframes you want validated? Need advice on where to find sample content? We're here to help.

Until next week, good luck!