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about 7 years ago

Week 1 Update

As the first week of our nonlinear narratives Innovation Challenge draws to a close, we thought we'd update you with some quick facts about our registrations so far:

  • 40 registrants (including you, hopefully!)
  • 12 countries
  • 5 continents

It's shaping up to be quite an international group. Introduce yourselves - we'd love to hear about your idea and help you give it some shape.

Spread the Word!

While yes, it may reduce your chances of winning, a little healthy competition doesn't hurt! Tell your friends, families, coworkers to register for the challenge, or better yet, they can join your team and submit together with you. We are happy to accept team registrations. See our Rules for more details.

TIME CHECK! 37 more days to submit.

Don't forget - we have a Discussion Forum where you can post your thoughts, questions, and connect with fellow Registrants.

Let us know how you're doing! Do you have an idea lined up, or are you already working on a design? Do you need any clarifications about the topic of exploration (nonlinear narratives)?

And as always, you can find us on Twitter at @aljazeerair or email us at